Choose a Brick, Share the Love!

As we step into the month of love, Richmond Corner is gearing up to transform into a vibrant canvas of affection, gratitude, and kindness. Starting February 1st, we extend a warm invitation to YOU to be a part of our heartwarming initiative—Build a Love Story, Brick by Brick.

How can you participate?

  1. Choose a Brick:

Pick a brick and pour your heart into messages that will bring smiles, warmth, and positive vibes to Richmond Corner.

  1. Spread Positivity:

đźš« To maintain the positive vibes and keep the love flowing, please adhere to these guidelines:

    •    No grumpy doodles allowed – let’s keep it cheery!
    •    Sprinkle kindness, not glitter – be respectful with your expressions!
    •    Share the love, not your life story – short and sweet does the trick!
  1. Mural Magic with Chalk:

Grab a piece of chalk from the hanging bucket, and together, let’s turn Richmond Corner into the heart of love! Your brick, your message – let the mural magic begin!

From 14 up to 29 February, say cheese  at our Wall of Love! Strike a pose, snap a selfie, and tag #LoveRichmondCorner on Facebook or Instagram for a chance to win 1 of 2 x R500 vouchers sponsored by Glamour hair | beauty | nails! Winners will be randomly selected and announced on Friday, 1 March. Get ready to capture the love and win big! #SelfieContest #LoveAndWin #richmondcorner #lovemural #walloflove

We believe that every brick tells a story, and with your participation, we aim to build a tapestry of love that resonates throughout Richmond Corner. Join us in making February a month filled with love, joy, and heartwarming connections!